THE WAGNER RANCH  and Eric Wagner Training Center


Create or Renew at the Wagner Ranch

  • Are you new to horses, or coming back from an injury or bad experience?  Wanting "More" from your horse experience? The Wagner Ranch is here to help you find your way.
  • We offer gentle lesson horses, monthly training or private lessons/coaching with your own horse,  massage bodywork for horse and/or rider, and  group clinics.
  • New Services include Group Coaching Sessions for Business Use and Therapy Sessions for Children using our horses.
  • Contact us to find out more: 805-748-3366

Onward and Upward!
Come, Learn from us & Enjoy the Ride!

Eric Wagner has been horse training for over 40 years in numerous disciplines with many different breeds of horses.  His early years were spent with Arabians and the show circuit, later years with Hall of Fame trainers in the Pleasure, Reining and Cutting disciplines.  His recent areas of study and certification are within Human and Equine Massage and Sports Therapy, Craniosacral, Thai, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Zen Touch Shiatsu.  All of his experience and knowledge of horse training and body movement can be utilized to create a horse and rider team that is healthy and happy together.

SERVICE RATES:  TRAINING Plans- all plans include Equine Body Work!
Starting at $580/mo for Half Time
$750/mo Full Time in Pipe Corral
$875/mo Full Time in the Barn
$650/mo Conditioning Training

LESSONS: $30-$50/hour
CLINICS and GROUP COACHING: Eric can come to your facility! Prices will vary, depending on format-give us a call.

Eric explains the who, what & why!!

The "Elements of Horsemanship" briefly explained:
Element 1 & 2: Imagination and Body
Steps to get there: 1) to imagine what you want, and to 2) Declare your intention to get there.
This is mainly to visualize your goal, and be realistic and prepared to do the work to make it happen.

Element 3 & 4: Mind & Emotions
Steps here are: 1) Train and 2) Engage
This is where practice comes in-knowledge can only get us so far:  We must be able to use muscle memory when needed.

Element 5 & 6:  Spirit and Imagination (again)
Steps are: DO! and Review
This is the fun part...Your hard preparation and hard work allow you to experience and be in the "moment".
And when successful, you want more of it..reward yourself with acknowledgment, and Imagine some MORE!
This process is limitless, and will take you and your horse to any level you can imagine!


Sara Fike
is a professional who has been practicing her passion for over 20 years. She has gained plenty of experience in colt-starting, training, and showing. She offers several different riding lessons packages (individual and groups) for both adults and children (age 6+). She trains her riders to have horsemanship skills that teaches them independence and responsibility. Pricing is a client to client basis.

Call Sara to schedule a lesson on our gentle ranch horses, or trailer-in your own horse.

See the featured resources below that Eric recommends and utilizes in helping riders master their own "Elements of Horsemanship" Explore these and Enjoy the ride!

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