THE WAGNER RANCH and Eric Wagner Training Center


       Create & Renew Your Horse Experience! 

The Wagner Ranch and the Eric Wagner Training Center

By using fundamental "ELEMENTS OF HORSEMANSHIP visualizations and basic riding strategies, your horse communication can be what ever you choose it to be. Whether your goals are highly refined skills, or basic safety and pleasure, the elements of good horsemanship are the
vital tools that will allow you to achieve those goals.

Located in Arroyo Grande, California for over 30 years,  the ranch offers native sand footing, shady trees, and balmy ocean breezes.

Eric Wagner has been training horses and teaching riders of all levels since 1979.  He is also certified in both equine sports and human massage therapy.  This well-rounded knowledge of equine and human body movement allow him, or his assistant trainers, to improve and enhance the connection you have with your horses.

     Happenings at the Ranch


The Wagner Ranch also now has Lessons and Training spots open with either Eric, Sara, or Amy. 

Call us to find out how we can help you improve and elevate your horse experience.

Eric also offers Professional Coaching Retreats for Business Use and Therapy for Children
These sessions can take place at the Ranch, or at your facility.

Help Joe Get Better

Joe is a beautiful quarter horse gelding who is suffering from multisystemic eosinophilic epitheliotrophic disease (MEED). Amy McDonald has been working with a professor at Cal Poly to diagnose and treat his condition for her senior project, and after just two weeks of treatment Joe has improved immensely. It will take many more months of treatment and constant care for Joe to completely heal from this rare disease, but he is steadily improving every day. If you would like to learn more about Joe please visit his gofundme page, or contact Amy at to find out how you can help this wonderful gelding!

     Rider of the Month

Amy McDonald is a 4th year Animal Science major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. She has been riding for over 15 years. She competes competitively with the Cal Poly Dressage team and Eric Wagner Training Ranch. She has been recognized for her accomplishments at many shows.

List of Accomplishments
Stanford 2017 Dressage Show - 1st and 2nd
UC Davis 2017 Dressage Show - 1st and 2nd
CCCHA Club Show - Champion in Trail Division
IDA Lower Training Regional Champion 2016
IDA Nationals 2016 - 5th place
IDA Intro Champion 2015

Summer show at Buckley-Great Job to all of you!

April Show Photos at Wranglerettes
Wagner Ranch Riders are doing an awesome job out there!
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