THE WAGNER RANCH  and Eric Wagner Training Center

HELP Wanted

Connect with horses at
The Wagner Ranch

Volunteer/Horse Handler Opportunity:
Volunteers are needed at the Wagner Ranch for assisting with disabled people.  Roles will include handling horses, and helping with client safety.  A certified PATH instructor will be teaching riding skill, movement and body connection.  If this is an area where you have interest or skills, please contact Eric for his upcoming event details.

Training Apprenticeships Available
Must be dedicated, passionate and hard-working, with time availability to devote to ride, work, and learn.  Fundamentals are taught and used from starting colts to finishing fine performance horses.

Barn Help Needed*
Early Mornings; stall and pen cleaning, feeding and general chores.
Afternoons; feedings and turn-out.
*Trade/Barter for board or lessons only

Contact us to find out more: 805-748-3366

We all want to learn to ride like that, too!
Enjoy the Ride!

 Come join us, anytime..see you at the ranch!


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