THE WAGNER RANCH  and Eric Wagner Training Center


Connections of Body Harmony at
The Wagner Ranch

Eric Wagner has learned from his own orthopedic injuries, surgeries, and physical therapies how important therapeutic bodywork and injury prevention can be.
bodywork benefits can range from simple stretching and warm-ups, to therapeutic massage and in-saddle evaluations and exercises.

Equine bodywork's scope begins with areas of individual diagnostic and injury prevention work and can include  further application for harmony within a horse and rider team.

Contact us to find out more: 805-748-3366


AHHH! That feels great...Thanks Eric!  Now Let's Ride!

"Hey, that's just the did you know?"

Enjoy the Ride!

Happy Horses make Happy Riders, so why not improve your relationship by learning about your body connection with your equine partner? You can trailer-in for a lesson or clinic, or have your horse stay for training. 
Contact Eric to find out more.

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